The Rotary Club of Waimate strongly supports Youth in the Waimate Community.
Part of showing our support towards the Youth is by making the Head Perfects fromWaimate High School "Honorary Members of the Rotary Club of Waimate".
For several years The Rotary Club of Waimate has made the Head Perfects from the local high school, Waimate High, Honorary Rotarian Members. This has been of benefit to both the young leaders and the members of the Rotary Club.
The Honorary Members attend weekly meetings or as many as they can due to the many other commitments these busy young leaders have. Their involvement with the club enables our club to have direct contact with the Youth of Waimate. At our monthly Club Night committees present and update members with any information, and the Honorary High School Members report on local Youth and High School news. Over the years it has been a pleasure to watch our Honorary Members develop confidence with their public speaking and engage with our members. 
It is also a high light for our club when past Honorary High School Members are "back in town" and they choose to come back to our meeting, sharing with us what they are now doing with their lives.
For many, they still have a connection with Rotary in their life......initiated by their Honorary Member as a High School Student. 
This year we welcome to our club two new Honorary Members are Catherine Nichol and Campbell Shedden.
Catherine has said:
"Being Head Girl 2019, means I get to interact with Waimate High School students in a positive way. I love our school because it is so small, you know everyone, the teachers are so friendly and will always support when you ask for it. So much good comes out of being a student of Waimate High School. In the future I would love to continue helping others, still being out in our community and work in the medical field in the Navy".
Campbell has said:
"Being Head Boy of Waimate High School is important to me because I enjoy having more responsibility around the school and representing our students at community functions. What I love most about being a student at Waimate High School are our teachers. They really know and get to know us as people. Our school feels like a second home, we are a family. In the future, I would like to do great things and try to make a positive change in the world in my chosen profession, which I am hoping is in the field of microbiology.
We look forward to having Catherine and Campbell join us this year. Already we can see the great Young Leaders they are.